365 Daily Saving'£' Challenge

365 Daily Saving'£' Challenge


Are you ready to begin your journey towards building generational wealth?

Are you ready to face your fears and heal your relationship with money?

Are you ready to increase your value and worth in regards to having money? 

Are you tired of the 'get rich quick schemes' that you see on social media?


It is time to begin the 365 Daily Saving '£' Challenge which is your start to building generational wealth and all you need to begin is £1. 


These challenges are suitable for the people who are on minimum wage to the people who are earning 7 figures plus. 


Learning how to save money is important as it will help you to:

- Improve your money mindset

- Know that is is safe for you to have money

- Create new healthy habits reagarding money

- Achieve a goal that you have set yourself especially within a certain time frame

-Have better money management skills. 


Reasons on why you would want to start saving money:

-Family Planning

-Paying off student loans

-Free yourself  from debts

-Buying a house with a mortgage

-Buying a car

-Investing in insurance policies

-Investing in to your own buisness 

-Travelling to your favorite holiday destionation or around the world

-To have a Wedding 

-To be able to enjoy your retirement 

-Treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe

-Enjoying fun activities 

-To pay your medical bills

-To acheve financial independence and security


Just to name a few. 


By starting one of these Money Saving Challenges today, you have made a commitment to save money on a daily or weekly basis towards your goal.


The days of worrying and stressing over money are over, and the days towards achieving financial independence and security have just begun. 


Slow and Steady always wins the race.