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 My name is Kelly

I started having Theta healing sessions in 2015, began studying Reiki healing and Astrology in 2016, Theta healing in 2017.

This is a program of self development that I have created to remove yourself from past relationships, unhealthy environments that may have included domestic abuse and release the self-limiting beliefs that are currently preventing you from reaching your highest potential and manifesting your hearts desires. The package that I have developed will allow you to take the path of emotional healing, spiritual awakening, forgiveness and most importantly self-love which will then enable you to heal and let go of your past and embrace the blessings that will come in the future.



To book your free 30 min complimentary discovery call: 
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Email: evolvefromwithin21@gmail.com
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri, 10am - 8pm

Meditation by the Sea


-Manifesting your soulmate

-Improving your wealth consciousness

-Releasing you from the emotional, physical and mental traumas

-Improving your overall health by increasing your energy levels and balancing your hormones

-Releasing the negative subconsciousness beliefs 

-Free yourself from ancestral trauma  and patterns that you may have inherited

During a energy clearing session, I would firstly use muscle testing to see if you carry certain beliefs. I will then go into the theta brainwave and do a body scan to see why your subconscious mind is holding on to these limiting beliefs and how it is serving you. With your permission I will then remove the blocks and replace the limiting beliefs with positive downloads that will enable you to create the life you desire. The duration of a theta healing session is 60 mins. 

Theta Healing was founded in 1995 by Vianna Stibal.


The benefits of having regular Reiki Healing sessions
-Deep sense of relaxation
-Improves sleep pattern
-Helps you to feel more grounded and connected with who you are. 
-Eases the pain and tension within the body associated with chronic illnesses 
-Increases energy levels and balances hormones.
-Promotes you to live a healthier lifestyle
-An amazing coping mechanism to deal with the everyday stresses in the work environment
-Proven to be effective with anyone experiencing menopausal symptoms  
- Improves your overall mental health

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words 'Rei' which means Universal and 'Ki' which means Life energy. 

The founder of the Reiki Healing method is Dr Mikao Usui, who was a Japanese Buddhist. He discovered and developed the current form of Reiki healing that is used by practitioners in 1922. 

What happens during a Reiki Healing sessions?

The client will be asked to lie down facing upwards, fully clothed, on a therapy couch which is very comfortable. The practitioner will place their hands on certain parts of your body for 3 mins per position while the healing takes place. The duration of a reiki session is 60 mins. 

Reiki Treatment



Nicolina Werther

"Kelly easily and quickly found out what was holding me back and got to the core of the issue. She has helped me move through my own limiting beliefs and internal block and made suggestions on what practical actions I could take to change things. Through working with Kelly, I have grown as a person which in return has helped me make bolder moves in my business. Her gentle and compassionate energy and nature always made me feel safe and supported."


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